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INAYA - computers en processes

Going fully digital with all health care administration processes and thereby also starting continuous process improvement.

The hospital maintains a double administration in its health processes: hardcopy and digital. This project focuses on improving the health administration processes of the hospital by going fully digital, continious optimalization and improvement projects. One of the improvement projects is to make sure there are enough workplaces and they are ready to support going fully digital.

Digital ready workplaces

All workspaces have been made ready by adding computers, printers, wifi, tables and chairs.

Going fully digital

-Outpatient department was prior to this project already working fully digital

-Ward rounds are now done by just using a computer (laptop)

-Analysis of all processes and system/software requirements have been done.

-The team is working with the software supplier to build the requirements, train staff and implement it.

->From here on this project is completed and the work to develop, test, train staff to go fully digital continues as a seperate project in the RUN organisation.

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